December 27, 2017
Launching Ceremony

People can now call for help of a mechanic through a mobile application—Vroom—if their car stops working in the middle of a road.
The mechanic will check and try to fix the problem on the spot. If a major breakdown occurs, the vehicle will be taken to the nearest Vroom service centre.
This is how Syed Ahsan Habib, managing director of Vroom Services Ltd, highlighted the uses and benefits of the Vroom app, at its launch at a press meet at Sonargaon Hotel in Dhaka yesterday.
The car owners will get relief from the hassles of car maintenance by using the 24/7 Vroom call centre through the app, he said.
The automated system will provide people with one stop emergency service, Habib said.
A car owner will have to get a Vroom membership card at Tk 3,000 to avail the service, he said.
Vroom introduced the service in partnership with Eastern Bank, Robi Axiata Bangladesh, Rahimafrooz, Green Delta Insurance, Shwapno and
Vroom is also partnering with 30 service centres across the country to provide maintenance services to car owners.
Vroom cardholders will get access to top-class vehicle workshops, service centres and fuel stations countrywide, the company said.
It will ensure a win-win situation for car owners, said Habib.
The automated service system will convert the headache for car maintenance into happiness, he said. 
The company needs to run some promotional activities to inform and provide innovative services to real customers, said Ali Reza Iftekhar, managing director of Eastern Bank.
Vroom Services Ltd was formed as a company in June 2017.