What is Vroom Services Limited?

Vroom is an App and Online based vehicle related services company. The key services include vehicle maintenance through partner service centers, home service, online selling of insurance, VTS and car accessories. All customers can get the services through a dedicated call center 24x7. All the services can be availed through an Annual Membership fee. All members will be given a Membership Card.

What is the unique feature/quality of your organization/services?

Vehicle maintenance service industry is very informal and unstructured in Bangladesh. Vroom is the first of its kind company that aims to offer the related services in an rganized manner. The unique features are:
a. Dedicated 24x7 Call Center for service bookings
b. App and Web based service channel
c. Verified and standardized service centers
d. Home service
e. Roadside assistance service
f. Insurance purchase
g. Car accessories shop through app
h. Complimentary lifetime credit card for vehicle owners
i. Fuel Card for drivers

What is a membership card?

Vroom Membership card can be purchased paying a fee from selected locations. The fee is annual. That means every year a member needs to pay the fee to keep the services ON. A membership card comes with an unique member number, which is required to register a customer through mobile app.

How do I get your services?

To get the services of Vroom – one must purchase a membership card from any of the partner locations. Then one must download the mobile app in their phone and register using the card number and vehicle details.
A registered member can either use the app or call the Vroom contact center to avail the services. Contact center will keep the service request from the member, and after confirmation from the service provider will call back the member to inform the schedule.

How many service centers are at Vroom network?

There are 25 Service Centers under Vroom network in Dhaka at present. The number is growing.

Which services are available through Home Service?

Basic features like Oil Change, Filter Change, Battery Check, Flat Tyre change and Polish can be availed through home service. This can be pre-booked through contact center. A fee is applicable for home service.

What Road Side assistance do you give?

If you vehicle breaks down at the middle of road – anywhere in Bangladesh; you can ask for our emergency road side assistance service. We will send a mechanic as soon as practical who will check your vehicle, try to fix it, if not possible then we will arrange to tow it back to nearest Vroom network service center. Fee applicable for emergency road side assistance. Only Vroom members will get the service.

What is a Vroom DCI credit card? Is it and the membership card same?

Any registered Vroom member, can get a lifetime free Diners Club Credit card from our partner Eastern Bank Ltd. Through the Vroom DCI credit card, one can pay the bills at the partner service centers and also can avail 0% EMI facility of EBL known as ZIP. Moreover, principal Vroom DCI cobrand cardholders can issue free supplementary cards for their drivers. Known as Fuel card – the drivers can pay their gas and fuel station bills through this card, hassle free, without the need of giving cash everyday.
Membership card and Credit card are different. If you have a membership card, you can only then avail a co-branded credit card. If you own a credit card, you don’t need to carry the membership card.

What if I don’t own a membership card? Should I be able to use your app or services?

Anyone can download and use the basic services of the app like Location and service center information. But for service booking and other related features through call center – one must have a Vroom Membership Card. To apply for a EBL Vroom DCI credit card, one must have alegitimate income source and a Vroom free membership card.

What is the procedure to get that co-branded credit card?

Any Vroom member who is willing to have a complimentary co-branded credit card from EBL, just needs to call the Vroom Call Center and place the request. Vroom team will then co-ordinate with EBL and arrange to collect the application form and deliver the credit card. However, the issuance of credit card will be completely at EBL discretion.

What facilities/benefits will I get if I own that credit card?

The issuance fee is lifetime free for this card. You can avail 0% EMI at all partner service centers if paid using the credit card. Also you can issue supplementary card for your driver for fuel purchase at the fuel stations. Besides these, regular discounts and benefits offered by EBL will be bundled with the credit card.

What are your service charges?

Call to our customer care for Service charges

What if, the garages/workshops you have partnered with provides me low quality services?

If you are not satisfied with the services offered by partner service center, kindly email us your specific complain and we will take up the issue on behalf of you. If the grievance is genuine, your service bill will be refunded back.

What if any occurrence does happen like any parts of my vehicle are stolen, then what will you do to refund me?

We expect that your driver or representative will accompany the vehicle during service period. Despite this, if any un warranted situation arise, Vroom will assist you in resolving the issue.

In what areas you are providing home delivery?

Anywhere in Dhaka Metropolitan City as of now. But we will soon expand to all divisional head quarters of Bangladesh.

If I place an order in due time, then in how many hours it would take to provide the home delivery?

This depends on the service queue. But in all cases we will confirm you the time over phone or email and subsequent to your confirmation – the Home Service Team will visit you.

What is the home delivery timing?

9 am to 6 pm – 365 days a year.

What is the refund policy or return policy?

There is no refund available for consumables. In case of service grievance, Vroom may refund back part or full of the service fee only.

What is the payment procedure to purchase products from your app/e-commerce?

Through Visa, MasterCard and Diners Club cards.

For a single member/card holder how many vehicles will that customer be able add in your app?

Maximum 5 number of vehicles under the registered member name.

Are you providing any insurance policy?

Yes. We offer Third Party Vehicle Insurance. Green Delta Insurance is our partner company.

I have some queries, I would like to talk to your authority, should I call +880-9678-187-666 or any other number?

Yes. If you leave a message to contact you, our management team will get back to you ASAP.

Do you have any outlets where I can purchase products directly & what is their operation time?

No. All our sales channel is virtual. Through mobile app or directly through contact center.

What is the procedure to become a partner workshop of Vroom?

Please send us an email to info@vroom.com.bd with your interest and location address. Our technical team will visit you and after assessment your service center may be added to the network free of cost.

What if after purchasing product from your app/e-commerce site I find the product quality is low?

Once you receive the good, there is no return possible. But at the time of taking delivery, you can inspect and disagree to take delivery if not happy. We will try to refund minus bank charges.

Will I get any call regarding the home delivery?

All deliveries will be subject to communication with you.